How to earn money at home as a Filipino Gamer

Hello there! Today I want to talk about the FILIPINO gamers out there, shout-out to all of you specially to those who struggle to really earn some serious CASH online!

You’re reading my blog today and I assume you’re a gamer who wants to earn some extra cash; and if you’re not a gamer, you’re just an individual who stumbled upon with my post hoping you’ll find something that might can help you find solution with your problem. Then, you’re not in a wrong place!

Well guys, there are many ways where an individual can earn money online and as for this post of mine, I’ll give you the 3 most easy ways where you can start earning money online at home specially if you’re an online GAMER like ME! (But I tell you, you should need enough PATIENCECONSISTENCY and right MIND SET  to accept the challenge!)

So, here are the 3 ways for you to earn money online:

1. Making Youtube Video Contents

This way is one of the best ways you can earn money online! The skills you need is just learn how to EDIT VIDEOS! (What?! are you insane?!) and To tell you honestly, it’s not the EDITING Skills that makes the good video but it’s just a part of it. The whole thing of why people watch a video is because of the CONTENT!!

You should somehow make a VIDEO wherein you can either HELP people or ENTERTAIN people. That’s when your video will go viral!

Nope! I’m not insane! I’m just honest.

If you’re a gamer, you can either MAKE videos on how to KILL a certain BOSS in the game you play, or do some TUTORIALS on how to SNIPE properly (if you’re playing shooting games) or you make FUNNY moments in game while playing GTA V and compile them in a video. 

GTA V or Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most played casual games and you can buy the game at G2A website. (Duh, stop the piracy! You won’t enjoy other  features in game.)

Buy Grand Theft Auto 5 here.

After you have your first video, then you can start monetizing it!

Watch this video to learn how to make money on youtube:

Credits: James Wedmore

2. Live Streaming

Live Streaming for me is the best way to EARN money IF and ONLY IF (remember this mate) you are ‘GOOD-LOOKING’, ‘ENTERTAINING’, POSSESS AMAZING SKILLS / COOL GAMEPLAY in the game you play or combination of THESE!

Well, anyone can do live streaming okay (there are no restrictions as long as an individual complies with the platform’s rules and requirements), don’t get me wrong, I’m just too honest to tell you that people love to watch GOOD-LOOKING (they love to watch female ones that have two BIG Mountains – Cleavages :p) and Entertaining Streamers.

And if you think you can comply with the things I’ve mentioned above, then don’t forget the main ingredient to increase your fan-base, which is THE CONTENT!

Unless you’re a ‘Celebrity‘ that has big ‘following’ already, then it’s not a problem for you to get many viewers to make your live streaming career a success but if not, then FOCUS on the CONTENT!

Here are the TOP 10 Richest Twitch Streamers for you to be inspired by them!

Credits: Top 10 Gaming

3. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is to promote products of certain companies and you can earn ‘Commissions’ from them.

I can share 3 free e-commerce platforms for you to visit and try which one is you think the best.

  • G2A Goldmine – If you’re a gamer and you want to earn from games, then you can be a G2A Goldmine affiliate and earn commission from games you play or you want to promote. You can also join our team from this link for you to get started. Click here.
  • Amazon – It’s the world’s leading e-commerce platform that sells almost any kinds of products online. You can promote their products and earn commissions depending on the products you promote. Click here to visit Amazon affiliate webpage.
  • Lazada – Lazada is the Philippine’s most famous online shopping platform, thousands of Filipinos buy products on Lazada website. You can take the opportunity in promoting certain products from Lazada using your social media accounts such as facebook or twitter and earn! Click here.


If you’re a FILIPINO, Tambay, Studyante, Empleyado o may-trabaho na sawa na sa 8-12 hrs a day of work, then this bonus is really for you! You are blessed today to know this for this had changed my life!

It’s rare to have a bonuses right? So since I love you my dear readers I would like to tell you that the INTERNET had helped many people anywhere in the globe and there are many people out there who EARN money much more than being a ‘Day-to-day Slave’ of a Company’!

So what’s the BONUS way you’re talking about?!

Chill! It’s just way too simple,


Really?! Is this S*** really works?!

Oh come on! Why would I tell you if it won’t work Right?!

What you should ask is, “How should I start?!”

Don’t worry, we can give you FREE Training for you to know how.

If you’re really interested just click this link and you’ll be directed to the video that will explain how (If Ads appear, just please click the continue button below and wait for the link to be generated). After which you will know what to do next.

Thank you very much for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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