[AOK] Tweaking your AOK for enhanced game’s FPS

Do you know that you can still enhance your PC’s performance while playing AOK? Let’s just say, tweaking the game settings so your PC can handle it like a PRO! I may sound crazy but it worked for me! 

I’m playing Age of Kungfu since 2014 (Although there were months I’ve been inactive). I’ve noticed that as months passed, patch after patch, the game’s graphics seems getting heavier (enhanced graphics qualities and dynamic weather environments & effects) and my game is getting some graphics issues specifically being ‘lag’ and ‘slow’.


I thought that was due to some PC’s issue like virus / malware penetrations to my system therefore I’ve re-formatted my system and re-installed the game but still I’m having low FPS of the game. Until I found this TWEAK that HELPED ME PLAY THE GAME with enjoyment! By the way I’m not playing with some ‘High-End’ hardware like those Rich-kids do, my hardware peripherals are just average (I won’t tell you the specifications, just average in ratings – Promise!) :p:D


The TWEAKS may work for you specially if you have a NVIDIA Graphics card and may not work for you but you can still acquire some technical knowledge somehow that the game can still be tweaked. You can play on it but Remember, take your OWN RISK!

Read more: Tweaq197’s Graphics Tweak for AOW.


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