[AOK] Class 7 Gear Equipment – As Hard as Diamonds that Heroes die hard!

Age of Kungfu – Cubinet interactive haven’t announce yet the reviews of the upcoming patches and the news about the ‘Server Migration’ that will take place soon, but as an active player of the game and as a player who tracks the updates from other game servers like Age of Wushu and Age of Wulin, sooner or later, Age of Kungfu players will indulge themselves in forging the Class-7 tier of their characters’ equipment to compete with other players from 9yin chinese server who will be with them playing in the new server where they will be migrated and merged. We have heard some rumors about the 9yin chinese players that they are already on their tier 6 Internal skills and 5th skill sets for 8 Major Schools plus Class 7 gear equipments!

I’m not sure when will AOK Cubizone will update the patch for the said gear upgrade, it may come along with the updates for tier 6 internal skills & 5th skill sets for 8 Major Schools; it can also before and after of the said updates. But we have to get ourselves ready and be not a noob anymore about it. Therefore I present to you the class-7 gear stats / attributes and set effects as well as the requirements on how to forge them!

Please read more: Class 7 Gear Equipment Stats & Set Effect Guide.


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