Revelation Online announced on January 20, 2017 – friday that they made their top up services available for players those who want to avail their  Founders Pack redeeming system and among many other handy features.


For this occasion, they have enabled the in-game cash shop with a handful of selected goodies allowing players who wish to top-up early to do so and benefit from an offer which is exclusive ONLY to CBT3!

Anyone who top-ups during CBT3 will instantly receive his/her currency (Aurum) and be able to use it to explore the features and content provided within in-game store. Players then can freely try out anything within the in-game store without remorse as they will wipe the server prior to their Open Beta Launching.

Top up TODAY here.

All top-ups made until February 2nd, 13:00 CET will be entirely refunded to the game accounts for the Open Beta launching with an additional 15% extra courtesy currency.

So feel free to jump at this tremendous opportunity to make your game experience more comfortable and have a significant extra boost in currency for the upcoming Open Beta.

Once you have purchased Aurum you will need to transfer it manually from the Top-Up page to a character of your choice.

Source: Revelation 


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