[C9] Webzen Note – Shadow Reworked

January 17, 2017 – Webzen announced on their official website for the game ‘Continent of the Ninth’ the ‘Reworking’ on the ‘Shadow Class’.

Many players were FUN playing this combo – base Ninja character within the game but since the arrival of the new classes, many players left the fun being ninja.

So Webzen decided to add some cool skills on Shadow class and work on it’s damage and combos to compete other most played classes like ‘Ranger / Sniper’ and ‘Vanquisher’.


To take a peek on what will be the things we have to look forward for the ‘Shadow Class’, see the table below…

Skill Change PvP/PvE Description
Shadow Mode New Skill PVE Add dark shadow effect to character
Enable Shadow Illusion skill
Add 4 additional attack and Invincible frame to Rising Combination skill
Increase Move Speed while using Hide skill
Add additional hit that breaks guard when using basic attack with Hide skill
Dark Shadow New Skill PVE Increase Attack Power/Critical Damage while using Shadow Mode
Double Step New Skill PVE Perform Shadow Step twice
Shadow Illusion New Skill PVE, PVP Summon shadow illusion
Make the shadow illusion chase and attack the enemies
Inversion New Skill PVE, PVP Swap the location with the summoned shadow illusion
Poison Storm Rebalance PVE Decrease delay after attack
Add Super Armor and Crouch frame
Disable grab
PVE damage increase
Scythe Break Rebalance PVE, PVP Move range increase when using Vital Thrust
Shadow Step Rebalance PVE Move speed won’t decrease when passing through enemies
Vital Spiral Rebalance PVE Invincible frame added when charge
PVE damage increase
Deceptive Cutter Rebalance PVE, PVP Invincible while upper attack
Attack range increase while upper attack
Damage increase
Ankle Cutter Rebalance PVP, PVE Effect change
Violent Shadow
Shadow Step
Dual Shadow Dash
Lift Kick Rebalance PVP, PVE Cancel possible with other action skills during charge
Dual Vital Cut Rebalance PVE, PVP Add bleeding effect
Hide Renewed PVE, PVP Increase move speed
Rising Slash Rebalance PVE PVE damabe increase
Shadow Star Rebalance PVE Increase attack +1
Violent Shadow Rebalance PVE PVE damage increase
Shadow Talon Rebalance PVE PVE damage increase
  • Skill Book
Continent Skill Change
5th Continent Dual Vital Cut
  • Increase damage
  • Add Invincible Frame
Scythe Break
  • Chance effect
  • Increase damage
  • Add Force
  • Add Invincible Frame
Ankle Cutter
  • Increase damage
  • Increase attack range
  • Add Invincible Frame on additional attack
  • Can hit grounded enemies with additional attack
Shadow Talon
  • Effect change on additional attack during Shadow Mode
Set effect VI
  • All stats increase by 300 when using the skill (Chance: 8%, Duration: 25 sec)
6th Continent Rising Slash
  • Chance on effect
  • Increase attack range
  • Additional hit +2
  • Increase damage
  • Hold left click for additional attack
Vital Spiral
  • Effect change on additional attack during Shadow Mode
  • Increase Attack Range
  • Increase Dash Range
  • Enhance Force
Shadow Star
  • Effect change on additional attack during Shadow Mode
  • Enhance Force
  • Add Invincible & Crouch frame on additional attack
  • Add projectile +1
Deceptive Cutter
  • Increase damage
  • Enhance Force
  • Right click to combo with Shadow Mode
Set effect VI
  • Physical Attack increase by 35% when using the skill (Chance: 10%, Duration: 25 sec)

Other improvements

Are you looking for precious accessories in Chaos Spire? However, it is so hard to make the complete set!

So here comes small improvement for you; you will be able to exchange the accessory parts for the one in the tradable box with the bound accessories and extra Sealed Book of Chaos! Please note that the stats would be random once you open the box just as when you loot the item.

We appreciate each and everyone’s thoughts on what might need improvement in the game and look forward to incorporating your suggestions for the betterment of C9.

We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!


C9 Support Team


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