Age of Kungfu server migration to new 9Yin Chinese Server

Most Age Of Kungfu (Asian server of Age of Wushu MMORPG) players don’t know that Cubizone was handling a separate Chinese server of the game played by Chinese and Non-Chinese players alike along side with it’s English counter-part ‘Heavenly Sword’ (AOK English – launched on 2014); maybe established long before the latter ‘English AOK Server’ began.


December 14, 2016; the Cubinet Interactive announced the Server migration between Age of Kungfu and 9yin Chinese New Server (2nd Server).

For ordinary AOK players, it’s asurprise for them to know that their accounts will be migrated to a new server and surely they’ll be merged together with those 9Yin Chinese AOK players who are already playing more advance than English AOK ‘Heavenly Sword’ server.

‘Heavenly Sword’ server’s patch is still at ‘5th internal’ skills for the 8 Major Sects / Schools, have the cap of Meridian for 180/180 each Major Sect / School and the highest Gear / equipment upgrade is at still at ‘Class 6’. On the other hand, AOK Chinese server was already patched at ‘6th internal’ skills for the 8 Major Sects / Schools and have passed the Meridian cap 180/180 way much higher and even got their gears already upgraded at ‘Class 7’. In plain words, those Chinese players have the upper hand when the servers will be successfully merged /migrated soon.

My character: Taken at Suzhou (Heavenly sword server)

AOK – Heavenly Sword server players are currently preparing themselves for the so called ‘Great Migration’ but the excitement is getting more intense as days run by. Although Cubinet Interactive didn’t announce the exact fixed date of the said migration yet, but players have the big hope that this will revive the enjoyment the game brought to them during the early days when the server was newly started wherein they experienced intense PVP
anytime, anywhere within the game that put their characters’ strengths to the test.

Although honestly AOK English is already can be called ‘Deserted’ server of Age of wushu game because of the very low player population compared with the ‘Age of wushu and Age of Wulin servers’ but at least the players have this ‘Hope’ to look forward to, to meet potential players to play with from other server.

I may sound ‘Bias’, but as an AOK English player, I’m looking forward for the players among us (from our server) to dominate the NEW SERVER, specially the ‘Big Guns’ within my guild ‘illuminati’ together with the ‘Big Guns’ of our rival guild ‘HongHuaHui’.

Ohh, I can’t forget this mysterious player with the IGN: Fredd, may he excel in the new upcoming server too, together with the servers’ strongest players from illuminati guild like DaDaJie, Ryuzo, ZhaoYang, YooEuNiM & etc; and from illuminati guild’s rival ‘HongHuaHui’ guild like Exca, MeiChaofeng, Kin, NanGongHongLi & etc.



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